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If you are looking for a fresh look in your room, a new area rug can be just the thing you need. You might want your rug to become the showcase of your room or just have it quietly compliment your room decor. The rug’s material is one of the most important selections you need to consider. The material you choose will be a factor in the cost, care, lifespan, look and feel of your rug.

Our team at Builders Floor Covering is knowledgeable about the various rug materials and will help you pick the right size, material and color area rug that will complement that special space in your home. We have a huge assortment of rugs in stock and are happy to special order just what you need if you can’t find it in our showroom. 

What Rug Material Should I Choose? 


Jute and Sisal Area Rugs - Organic, Durable

Jute and sisal are chunky woven fibers that are not only beautiful but durable and low maintenance. They are inviting and give a nice massage to your feet, but are a bit prickly for playing on with your littles.  


Both jute and sisal rugs are organic materials so they are less likely to hold allergens and therefore they’re healthier for your family. They are often thought of as the same material, but they are quite different from each other. Think of sisal as twine and rope, and jute as burlap. Sisal is your rug choice for heavy-duty areas because it is the stronger of the two but the rope-like fibers make it harder to remove rug stains. Jute is not as tough as sisal, but the chunkier knit is much more enticing for bare feet as it provides a gentler feel underfoot.

Polyester Area Rugs - Soft, Affordable

High traffic areas that might also need to have noise muffled, such as your hallway, living room, or staircase, call for a polyester rug. Polyester wears well, is fade and stain-resistant, low maintenance and will look great for years. Great in all areas of your home, even by the back door. 

Polypropylene Area Rugs - An Affordable Alternative to Wool 

Polypropylene is a lower cost choice when wool isn’t quite fitting into your budget. It can be used indoors and it’s strong enough to be used outdoors on your patio. It is easy to clean, water-resistant and extremely durable. Make your home brighter, cozier, and more stylish by choosing one of these rugs - they come in bold colors and trendy patterns.

Wool Area Rugs - Quality, Reliable 

If you love to go barefoot in your home, a wool rug feels amazingly soft and decadent. The fibers of wool are crush-resistant, so no matter the traffic your rug gets, it will keep bouncing back and it’s easy to clean. Wool has natural oils in it that repel, dirt, dust, and water so kids, pets and high traffic won’t make your wool rug flinch - it will stay plush, thick and colorful.

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