Builders Floor Covering


Families with kids and pets

often opt for carpeting in their homes. Business and homeowners often select carpet for its warmth, cushioning and sound absorption. We are unashamed, and perhaps even prejudiced, with our love for carpet - it is beautiful, luxurious, soft, economical and functional in both your home and business.  The carpets we carry can stand up to stains, spills, crushing, matting, high-traffic wear, and they are family and pet-friendly.


At Builders Floor Covering, our design team will help you find the best carpet for your lifestyle - there are endless variations of shades and colors, so many interesting textures and striking patterns, in addition to fibers, to select from. Our design team is knowledgable and able to help you navigate through what will be best for your home/office and budget.  Trust our experienced team to be your flooring experts!