Builders Floor Covering


Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) are not the same as traditional vinyl sheet goods. LVP and LVT offer benefits that sheet goods are unable to deliver and are rapidly becoming two of the most popular flooring systems around. 


The manufacturing of both plank and tile uses high-def imaging to create the surface film that makes it nearly impossible to tell the LVT or LVP from the real thing. Luxury vinyl tile is in tile form that mimics natural stone such as marble, granite, slate, etc. Luxury vinyl plank mimics hardwoods such as elm, maple, oak, mahogany, etc. These surface films have a very authentic-looking appearance and are truly remarkable - which makes it one of the main reasons home and business owners are buying luxury vinyl flooring.​


LVP and LVT flooring systems are water, stain and dent resistant. The water resistance reduces the growth of mildew and mold between the vinyl and the sub-floor. If properly maintained (which is very easy to do), luxury vinyl flooring can last for years and years because it is very durable.


One wonderful benefit with luxury vinyl flooring is that it often can be installed over current flooring. One obvious exception is carpet, which must be removed before installation with possible additional prep work needed as well. Many homeowners opt to install their own flooring with these systems because they are quite easy to install, but we have our professional installers available to lay all of your new flooring for you.

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